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Speeches, testimonies:

Human Rights Dimension of the Transnistrian Conflict. Testimony at the U.S. Helsinki Commission briefing “Prospects for Unfreezing Moldova’s Frozen Conflict in Transnistria”; U.S. Congress, June 14, 2011.

Geopolitical and Moldova-related topics – University of Alberta (Oct. 24, 2015); National Democratic Institute (Oct. 1, 2015); Riga Conference 2014, (Sept. 12-13, 2014); Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (Oct. 5, 2011); National Endowment for Democracy (August 31, 2011); 18th Economic Forum in Krynica, Poland (Sept. 11, 2008); Center for Security and International Studies (Oct. 31, 2006 & Oct. 25, 2005); Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels (Feb. 18, 2005); National Press Club ( Nov. 23, 2004)

Books, research papers:

The A and Z of Moldova, Book (498pp). Scarecrow Press, Maryland, USA. 2010 (sold at Amazon, Barnes & Noble among other book outlets)

The Historical Dictionary of Moldova, Book (432pp). Second edition (with Dr. Andrei Brezianu). Scarecrow Press, Maryland, USA & London. 2007 (sold at Amazon, Barnes & Noble among other book outlets)

International Business Communication. Case Study on the Republic of Moldova (1991-2001). Book (with Dr. Ovidiu L. Turcu; in Romanian). 278pp. Publishing House Plumb, Romania. 2003

Conflict in Moldova’s Eastern Region of Transnistria: what is the way out? Chapter of the book “Quo vadis, Moldova?” 76 pp. Multi-M (Ukraine). 2007

Why is Moldova Poor and Economically Volatile? Chapter of the book “The EU and Moldova: On a Fault-Line of Europe”. 240 pp. The Federal Trust, UK. 2004

Two white papers aimed at the resolution of the Transnistrian conflict: (1) Democratizing Moldova’s Eastern region of Transnistria and (2) Transforming the Russian-led peacekeeping force in Moldova into a Multinational Force and Civilian Observers. 2008

Sudan’s report on Trade and Industry Facilitation. World Bank Report. Infrastructure & Productive Clusters; Sudan UN-WB Joint Assessment Mission. 2005

Strategy for Post-Soviet Counties Settlement: Democratization, Demilitarization, Decriminalization. Co-author. Moldova Foundation, Washington, DC. 2004

Kenya: Policy Briefing and Recommendations. Research paper on economic development. Harvard University, USA, 2003

2003 & 2004 Chapter on Moldova; Nations in Transit: Civil Society, Democracy, and Markets in East, Central Europe and the Newly Independent States; Freedom House Foundation; USA


Cited in and gave interviews to the New York Times, Business Week, Transition Online, Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, BBC World, as well as to media outlets in Moldova: National Public TV & Radio, Prime TV, Publika TV, Jurnal TV, Antenna C Radio, Euro TV, Basa Press, Infotag, Info Prim news agencies, Flux, Logos-Press, Ziarul de Garda, Jurnal de Chsinau, Timpul newspapers and to Romania’s Radio Romania Actualitati, Gardianul daily newspaper, among others. Wrote Op-Eds for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

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