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Veaceslav Pituscan – Vice President of the Moldova Foundation

V.Pituscan-2Veaceslav Pituscan is the Moldova Foundation Vice President. As a senior Moldovan career diplomat (1994-2016), he holds the diplomatic rank of Minister Counselor. During his assignment in Washington D.C. as a Chargé d’Affaires a.i. (2016), Deputy Chief of Mission and Minister-Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in the U.S. (2014-2015), he was instrumental in the launching of the US-Moldova Strategic Dialogue. Previously, he held various Directorate-level positions in the Moldovan diplomatic service and had overseas assignments in Brussels as Deputy Chief of Mission to the EU (2001-2004) and Counselor at the Moldova’s Embassy in Bucharest (2007-2010). He has an extensive expertise in EU affairs with over ten years of work on European integration of the Republic of Moldova including the negotiations of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement.

Most recently, after leaving the diplomatic service in 2016, Veaceslav became a Visiting Senior Research Scholar at the Georgia Institute of Technology and an Executive Director at PASS LLC. He serves as President of the Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce, Washington D.C. Chapter and Deputy National Chair of the Moldovan-American Chamber of Commerce. He serves also on the International Advisory Board of the Institute for Development of Social Initiatives (2017) and as board member of PASS LLC. Veaceslav is member of the Society of International Business Fellows (2017) and Oxford International Relations Society (1998). He earned a BS in Physics at the State University of Moldova, MA in Political Science at the Bucharest National School of Political and Administrative Studies, and Certificate in Diplomacy at Oxford University.



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