Moldova Foundation


Currently, the Moldova Foundation is focused on the implementation of the following projects: 

  • Sponsoring the news and information portal Moldova.ORG (ongoing; started in  2004). Main contributors: National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Romanian Government, individual/private donations.
  • Weekly news bulletins in English on most important news and events on Moldova (this is ongoing project since 2004). Bulletins are received via email. Subscription is free.
  • Supporting the creation of documentary films “100 famous people born in Moldova.” Ongoing; started in 2012. Main contributors: individual/ private donations.

Past projects:

  • A series of seminars, conferences, roundtables, Congress hearings, meetings, writing research papers (2003-2013). Main contributors: Open Society Foundations, Romanian Government, individual/ private donations. Topics covered: Moldova’s civil society; Transnistrian conflict, parliamentary elections analysis, human rights violations, etc.
  • Supporting the installment of a bronze bust of Eugen Coseriu (1921-2002), a Romanian international authority in Romance philology, in his native village Mihaileni, the Republic of Moldova (2012). Main contributors: individual/ private donations.

To contribute to any of our projects, visit the “Donate” section or access it here.

We do not accept unsolicited grant proposals.


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