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production of biographical documentary film series:

100 Famous People Born in Moldova

Despite their significant contribution to European and world science, literature, music and other fields, many famous people born in what once was the Principality of Moldova (now, Western Moldova in Romania, the Republic of Moldova and in Ukraine) are little known internationally.

To meet this challenge, the Moldova Foundation supports the creation of documentary films about Moldova-born famous people (within borders of the former Principality of Moldova + today Nistru East bank localities known as Transnistria). The films are produced by the Flacara (English: flame) Film Pictures, a Chisinau-based film production of “Justice-Studio,” a nonprofit association that is headed by a renowned journalist Luminita Dumbraveanu, who worked (among others) for Radio France International, Teleradio Moldova, Radio Vocea Basarabiei, Academy of Science of Moldova.

In 2012-2013, the Flacara Film, financed by the Moldova Foundation, produced five films:

1. Philosopher Dimitrie Cantemir
2. Diplomat Antioh Cantemir
3. Geographer and diplomat Nicolae Milescu Spătaru
4. Religious figure Petru Movila (watch the film here)
5. Composer Eugen Doga (film has been broadcasted on Moldova national TV) – watch it on YouTube.

The Moldova Foundation asks for your investment for the creation of other biographical documentaries:

1. Movie Director Emil Loteanu
2. Linguist Eugeniu Coşeriu
3. Nobel Prize Laureate George Emil Palade
4. Singer Sofia Rotaru
5. Writer Paul Goma
6. Composer George Enescu
7. Poet Mihai Eminescu
8. Singer Maria Cebotari
9. Historian Nicolae Iorga
10. Poet Grigore Vieru
11. Actor Mihai Volontir
12. Scientist, astrologer Nicolae Donici
13. Dynasty of scientists and writers Hasdeu
14. Dynasty of scientists Kapiţa

You can do it online (PayPal) on the Moldova Foundation’s website or by check, mailing it to the address below. The films will be made entirely through private donations.

Remember, no amount is too small or too big. Every penny will be spent to achieve maximum return on your investment. Those who know the activities of the Moldova Foundation since 2003, with its limited financial resources but palpable deeds, understand what we mean here. Donations made by residents of the U.S. are tax-deductible.

Contributors will be recognized for their support as follows:

For $50 – Certificate of Appreciation plus a free DVD with one film

For $75 – Certificate of Appreciation plus a free DVD with two films

For $250 – All of the above plus crediting your name in one film

For $500 and higher – All of the above plus crediting your name in at least two films
For $100 you may also purchase five films produced in 2012-2013 (100% proceedings from sales go to the production of new films).

Send your check payable to the Moldova Foundation to (indicate for “documentary films”):

The Moldova Foundation

2512 Virginia Ave NW #58267
Washington, DC 20037


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