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Chai McConnell – Member of the Advisory Board of the Moldova Foundation

Chai_McConnellChai McConnell has experience in both governmental and non-governmental sectors. His previous positions include the President of Australasia’s largest NGO dedicated to regional economic development; the Ministerial Liaison Officer to the Minister for State Development in Queensland, Australia. His expertise is in the policy and practice of microeconomic development including the structural reform of SME’s to become internationally competitive, facilitating public-private partnerships and engaging the participation of citizens and stakeholders in the Government’s development efforts. He served on the boards of a regional Film and Television Association and a Cultural Industries Association. Mr. McConnell graduated with a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics in 1993 from Australia’s University of New England (UNE) and was the recipient of the Young Distinguished Alumni Award from UNE (2000). In 2003, he graduated from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government with a Masters in Public Administration.

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