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Who We Are

The Moldova Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization (with DSC_0275501(c)(3) tax-exempt status) in Washington, DC incorporated in the United States in 2003.

The foundation’s main institutional resource is the network of professionals both in the Republic of Moldova and in U.S., including the Working Group on Moldova, a.k.a. Friends of Moldova in Washington, that includes former US ambassadors to Moldova, senior people from Moldova and Washington-based think tanks (CSIS, Freedom House, IRI, NDI, NED, OSI, Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University), individual experts.

Goals and Missions

Our mission is to support free market, civil society, and rule of law in the Republic of Moldova.

Its main goal is to increase the support from the United States, European Union and its members for economic reforms and democratic transformations in the Republic of Moldova with the aim to strengthen freedom of speech, pluralism, and private initiative in this country. We also advocate for improving economic ties between the United States and Moldova through trade and investment projects.

Ultimately, we want Moldova to be part of Western democracy by becoming a full member of the EU and NATO.


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